Here is a little bit about the 'who' and the 'why'.

My name is Lissie but some of you know me as Fleur De Lis. I have been suffering from depression since I was around nine. I was twenty-one when I was finally diagnosed and they immediately put me on antidepressants. I was then offered ‘short term’ therapy, which consisted of eight sessions that did not end well for anyone (see Frizz Is Not To Be Trusted). Unfortunately I was also diagnosed with M.E and anxiety.

People who have ever suffered depression (I mean real depression, not just feeling a bit down or having the blues for a day) will know there are highs and lows. When I was in the ‘high’ period, I was quite high functioning. I managed to hold down a stable and well-paid job, I had many friends and a social life. I could do all this because I have lived with depression for so long, I knew how to mask it from others and myself.

The ‘low’ came just before turning twenty-four. It has held me ever since. I have been on many different antidepressants and am currently in ‘long term’ psychology.

I am now twenty-seven, writing about the things that plague me daily help to purge my mind in the darkest hour as if I didn't, well, things would get quite a bit worse. 

I write this blog to educate and entertain, not enough people are aware of mental health problems and that those that suffer them are neither 'deranged' nor do they need to be 'locked up'! 

If there is anyone who is affected by depression or just wants to talk about mental health in general, I am always willing to listen.


  1. hi fleur x im goin thru the same as u sweet x and at the mo iv been off of my tabs for 6mnths x i feel like every day is a struggle , but im to scared to go back to me doctors because i think i he thinks im a fake ! ya know the looks they give u!! my family think im better off off them as sume times i have anger managment issues and rage. well i hope ur well and reading ur blogg has helped , knowin that sum1 else is goin the same. thanku

  2. Hi, Angelxs. Wow 6 months off your meds, that is something to be very proud of however you should never feel like a failure if you need to go back on them. Trying to be strong (in my experience) makes things worse. I completely understand what you are saying about doctors, they can be awfully judgemental which is the last thing someone in our situation needs.

    I am so glad I helped in some small way and if you ever need to talk, I am happy to listen. Thank you for opening up.

    Fleur xx

  3. Lissie you've got talents and brilliant ideas. Obviously you have defeated your greatest fear. Remain strong Lissie, you inspire many.